Practicing Setting Up My New Home Away From Home

HI All,
It is exactly one month before we start our hike of the PCT. We start on May 15th. Today I had fun practicing setting up our Zpacks Duplex tent. Took awhile but I think I have it down. This will be my new home while on the trail.

I will continue sharing more videos as we prepare to start our hike. Time really is flying by!



Check out the link below if you are interested in learning more about this tent, or if you wan to order one for your next big hike



Gearing Up For The Big Hike


Getting more excited about the trip. Time is moving to fast or is it too slow as I want to get out on the trail. We have done a couple of practice hikes here in Mississippi but if you know anything about the terrain here there is not much to train on as far as hills. We have our packs weighed down to at least practice with 20 or so pounds in our packs.

Here is a link to all the gear I will be taking on the trail.
My gear list 2018 PCT